AI AccelerationAccurate mining of scientific research data
AI LearningComprehensive coverage of academic knowledge
AI ExpansionMulti-dimensional precipitation of scientific research assets

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Your copilot for science

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Advanced AI Models

Accurate knowledge retrieval and presentation, in-depth knowledge understanding for unbiased results.

Covering all Disciplines

Standardize pro-vocabulary, define domain-specific ontology, link 80m concepts and 100,000 categories.

Proprietary Data Model

All research data worldwide are updated and expand exclusive high-value segment data at all times.

Accelerate R&D with AI

Multi-dimensional cooperation between AI, Data and Scientists
Ultron gains insight into the global scientific research corpus from Research Cosmos, generates structured Knowledge&Data, and accelerates scientists' innovation.

AI Insight

AI builds the world's leading high-precision scientific database "Research Cosmos"

R&D with Copilot in real-time updates and evolution

Next-gen AI scientific platform

AI drives changes in scientific research
Empowering materials science, energy and chemical industry, aerospace, drug research and development...

AI+ data Dimension
Basic Metadata
AI Discovery
More features, please stay tuned

Empower research teams

Get scientific support

Get the best scientific support from top scientists integrated into your R&D team as true partners

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Why are the answers slightly different when asked the same question twice?

Can non-academic users use all functions?

Ultron's answer speed is relatively slow, can it be speeded up?

What are the differences between overseas users and domestic users in using functions?

Will my Q&A data be collected as training data for the model?

What is the difference between R&D institution users and individual users? Can individual users apply to use the institutional user version?

What exactly is the use of AI for Science?

About CatalystPlus

Core members of our team are mainly from Zhejiang University, China. We hope that by lowering the barriers to access the latest global research results and by reducing the execution costs of data integration processing throughout the research lifecycle, researchers can focus on what really important, so that they can efficiently conduct groundbreaking research.

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